We Believe...

  • The Bible to be the inspired, infallible Word of God. (II Tim.3:16)
  • In the one true and ever-living eternal God. (Deut.6:4; Isaiah 43:11; I John 5:7)
  • That Jesus Christ is the son of the living God; who was Emmanuel, God manifest in the flesh (I Tim. 3:16)
  • In the Holy Spirit of God which resides in the heart of a born again believer. (John 14:17; Acts 1:8; Acts 2:4, 16-18)
  • In the New Testament "new birth" experience for all believers. (John 3:5; Acts 2:38) This includes faith, repentance from sin, water baptism, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost modeled after the book of Acts church. Furthermore, that the initial evidence of a believer receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost is speaking with other tongues as the spirit gives the utterance. (Acts 2:4; Acts 10:44-46; Acts 19:1-5; Isaiah 28:11-12)
  • In holiness of heart and spirit as the Bible standard for believers. (Hebrews 12:14)
  • That monogamy is God's will for all committed marriage relationships.
  • In the literal, second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • In observance of Communion or Lord's supper, open to all believers, as exemplified in the holy scriptures.
  • All believers should strive for the unity of the Spirit until we come into the unity of the faith. Division is not the will of God. (Eph. 4:3)
  • That a person's sexual orientation in no way disqualifies he/she from fellowship in the kingdom of God. All people are welcome to be part of the church and believe in these tenets of faith regardless of being heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, trans-gender, intersexed or any other orientation that a person was born with. "Let whosoever come...." (John 3:15-17; Rev. 22:17)
  • In tithing and the giving of offerings as God's financial plan for the support of the ministry and furthering of the gospel. (Malachi 3:8-10)
  • That the Pastor is the spiritual head of the local assembly and the position is God ordained and should be respected and prayed for on a regular basis. (I Peter 5:2,3)
  • In the "Five-fold" ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher; that each of these ministerial offices should be allowed to operate in the universal church body, and these offices should be recognized and respected as being in accordance with New Testament teachings. (Ephesians 4:11,12)
  • In divine healing as provided in the atonement of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 8:17)
  • We truly attempt to be 21st Century Inclusive Apostolic.

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New Life Connect Point

Visit our archived services on Youtube.com. You will find a variety of New Life, Midwest SpiritQuest and RPI video clips to watch.  


New Life Community of Hope

Visit our archived services on Youtube.com. You will find a variety of New Life, Midwest SpiritQuest and RPI video clips to watch.  

New Life ConnectPoint

4318 W US Highway 20

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Phone: 219-871-1033


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Prayer - 10:45 am (CST)

Worship Service- 11:00 am (CST)



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